Safety Reminders for the Best Summer Fun

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Safety Reminders for the Best Summer Fun

The weekend is here! Do you have any fun outdoor plans? Swimming? With so much sun, it’s easy to want to stay out all day, enjoy a nice cool swim, and plenty of sunshine, but sometimes that can welcome unwanted issues for people that wear and rely on contact lenses. Here are some friendly reminders to keep in mind as you head outdoors.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses help so much during bright summer days, plus they can add an extra layer of cool as accessories. For contact lens wearers, a great pair can help with eye strain but also, more importantly, provide protection from drying effects of the wind. For KC eyes, this is especially important since dry eye can already be somewhat of an issue. Sunglasses provide an extra barrier against harsh windy days during a dry summer and maintain lubrication.

Wear Sunscreen

UV rays can do all sorts of damage, including painful sunburns. Make sure to invest in some quality sunscreen and take extra care when applying. Sunscreen in any eye can cause stinging but with contact lenses, it can be a little worse as you risk contaminating your lenses. To avoid this, use your fingers to delicately rub the product around your eyes, and don’t forget those eyelids. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying and especially when handling your contacts.

Wear Goggles

It’s hot and a nice dip in a pool, lake or cooling ocean may just do the trick to help combat the heat but before you do, think twice about diving in with your contacts on. Most bodies of water contain a microorganism called acanthamoeba which can cause irritation and even infection. If you have to wear your lenses, make sure to wear airtight goggles to keep your eyes and your contact lenses protected and do not go into the water without them.

Now that you’ve read some friendly reminders, go have a blast! Happy Summer!