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May 29, 2018
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Pregnancy & Keratoconus

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Studies have linked pregnancy & KC progression – but what does this mean? Here’s a great article from @theeyepractice

Pregnancy hormones affect women differently. When it comes to KC, your pregnancy may have no impact or it could suddenly become noticeable. If you already have it and are stable, it could become a bit worse. The exact causes of KC are not fully understood. What is known is that it is multifactorial – meaning a combination of factors are involved. KC is most often diagnosed during or following puberty and can advance rapidly during these years. A lot comes into play from eye-rubbing to allergies.

Pregnancy is very unlikely to be linked to keratoconus in someone with a perfectly healthy cornea. A study of pregnant women with KC was the first solid evidence that pregnancy could cause progression of KC. The study concluded that the hormonal changes of pregnancy could have a detrimental effect on the structure of the cornea. Pregnancy was therefore a risk factor for worsening of KC.

Read the full article to see what you can do and what to do if you’re currently pregnant and have KC.