Abnormal Symptoms

It is important to call your contact lens fitter immediately if you should experience any of the following abnormal symptoms:

  • Pain: when placing lenses on the eyes, while wearing the lenses, or after removing them
  • Burning, a sensation of heat, redness, excessive tearing, or discharge
  • Inability to keep the eyes open
  • Extreme sensitivity to light
  • Severe or persistent haze, fog, or rainbows around lights
  • Severe irritation
  • White spots on the cornea

By complying with the recommended care regimen, recognizing the early signs and symptoms of adverse reactions, and seeking professional care immediately if any complications do arise, patients with keratoconus should be able to look forward to many years of successful contact lens wear. Just a few minutes of lens care each night can ensure a lifetime of success.[schema type=”book” url=”http://localhost/dcer_nkcf_rebuilt/abnormal-symptoms/” name=”Abnormal Symptoms” description=”If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, make sure you contact your lens fitter immediately.” author=”Catherine Warren” ]