A Snapshot of the Scleral Lens World Today

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August 20, 2018
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August 24, 2018
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A Snapshot of the Scleral Lens World Today

A recent study by Muriel M. Schornack, OD, et al, shared a snapshot in the scleral lens world. Our friends at the Dry Eye Zone, a blog overseen by Rebecca Petris, founder of the Dry Eye Shop (a Scleral lens wearer herself), breaks the research down in wonderful and illustrative fashion, concluding that the vision of scleral lens wearers is doing really well.

I enjoyed this study tremendously! It provides a sweeping high-level view of what’s going on in the scleral lens world today, across platforms, technologies, practice types and patient types… 

“…Our vision [scleral wearers] is doing great, which is why doctors love sclerals. Of the patients who got lenses specifically for vision, about 75% had improved visual acuity, with the majority clustered in 1 to 4 lines or improvement. But those who got lenses for dry eye also had improved vision.”