Keratoconus Down Syndrome Patient Guide

Keratoconus (KC) affects between 5-30% of individuals with Down syndrome and can impact their ability to function at their highest level. It is important for family members and caregivers to schedule regular eye exams beginning in infancy, to screen for KC during the teen and early adult years, and to consistently monitor for changes in vision. A missed or delayed diagnosis can be debilitating.

About the NKCF Down Syndrome Pamphlet

This pamphlet includes specific information about Down syndrome and keratoconus and will be sent when NKCF mails the 22-page, full color brochure, the Keratoconus Patient Guide.  The Guide offers updated information about causes and treatments for keratoconus.  These booklets are especially useful for newly-diagnosed patients and their family members and friends.

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